Can I sell my own Heartbound merch?

No. You cannot release commercial works involving the Heartbound IP without a licensing agreement for the work. Feel free to share and enjoy your creations outside of for-profit releases.

For licensing information please contact us here

Can I create Heartbound fanart?

Yes. However you cannot release commercial works involving the Heartbound IP without a licensing agreement. Feel free to share and enjoy your fanart outside of for-profit releases. When in doubt, contact us to clear things up!

For licensing information please contact us here

Can I stream with your music in the background?

Yes. As long as you bought the OST feel free to use that music in your streams or videos. As long as you are not directly reuploading the music with no other content you are free to use it in any videos or streams whether they are monetized or not.

Can I record or stream Heartbound?

Yes, you absolutely can. You are also free to monetize these playthroughs and streams. You will never receive any kind of takedown for playing our games or using footage from our games.

Can I create NFTs of your work?

No. Not at any time under any circumstances. If you see an NFT of anything from our studio let us know immediately so we can get it taken down. We have not and will not ever create NFTs of our work. NFTs suck and the ongoing theft from content creators sucks.

Can I create remixes or covers of your music?

Yes. You may release monetized remixes of the original Heartbound OST. Please contact us to work out a licensing agreement and don't release your work before getting that handled. Don't be afraid to do this, most of the time a licensing agreement is just us saying yes. When in doubt, contact us to clear things up!

For licensing information please contact us here

Can I reupload your videos or release the OST?

No. At no time can you reupload our videos or make a public release of our OST. Any unedited reuploaded video of ours or public release of our OST will receive a take-down request and DMCA claim immediately. However, you may always stream our OST or use our OST in the background of your video content if you bought the OST. Support creators by getting their content from the source.

Can I make a Heartbound fan game?

No. While it is fine to take inspiration from our work it is not ok to create works involving the Heartbound IP. We do not allow remakes or adaptations involving the Heartbound IP at any time.

This isn't to be restrictive and stop you from making something you love. We want you to make games you can monetize so you can continue making games. Talk to us if you need help along the way.

No licenses will ever be granted for adaptations or remakes of Heartbound.

Can I distribute your games?

No. At no time can you distribute our software. Any unlicensed distribution of our software will receive a take-down request and DMCA claim immediately.

For licensing information please contact us here

Will Heartbound have any DLC or a sequel?

No DLC will ever be created for Heartbound outside of the OST and there will never be a sequel. You will get the entire story and nothing less. To even discuss a sequel would diminish what Heartbound could be at release.

What tools did you use to make Heartbound?

Heartbound was developed in Game Maker: Studio v1.4. We use Clip Studio Pro and Aseprite to create all of the art. FL Studio Producer Edition was used to compose all of the music and create the sound effects.

Who is working on Heartbound?

Jason Thor Hall

Programmer - Writer - Game Designer

Bradie Shaye Rehmel

Artist - Animator

Stijn van Wakeren

Composer - Sound Designer

What inspired you to make Heartbound?

A lot of things actually. From various experiences in my life, to the games I have played, to the people I have met along the way. Through every step I found that the constant in almost any conflict was differences in perception in a situation. Very rarely have I found that someone truly wants to make a given situation worse than it already is. Most usually they are trying to help or to forward goals they think are more important than the other party. We all have demons to fight and sometimes we accidentally make more for someone else by trying to fight theirs.

Secret of Mana

An RPG for the SNES, this game has shaped a massive amount of my life as a developer. This game made young me cry pretty bad and I actually reset my save when I found out my dragon Flammie was the destroyer of worlds. I thought I had played the game wrong and was devastated at the thought of killing my own dragon. That feeling never left me and I never had it again in any other game I ever played.

Secret of Evermore

A major inspiration for Baron was this old gem of a title. You travel through time and space with your canine companion to save the world of Evermore. Although your dog can't talk you are one formidable fighting duo throughout the adventure.

Earthbound and The Mother Series

This was the first time I was really exposed to absurdist humor in a game but it carried a tone of serious darkness with it. Beneath the happy exterior Earthbound was an adventure through time, space, mind, and matter. You watched people struggle with vices, helped them with bad business deals, fought crooked cops, and killed an unborn god. Earthbound was incredible and to me there is no other game that quite got the mix of humor and horror this right.

Wario Ware

The rapid fire ridiculous mini-games always stuck with me as one of the best active experiences in gaming. Every challenge was simple yet when cast in quick succession it was an endurance run of epic proportions. All of the controls were simple and the game was easy for everyone to pickup no matter their age. I love Wario Ware and all the absurdity it brought to the world of gaming.


I started going to defcon back in 2014 and that year I learned about the world of crypto, puzzles, hacker culture, and 1o57. Every year I compete in challenges at defcon and I have three uber/black badges for my efforts. The first two were from 1o57's badge challenge which is a massive series of cryptographic puzzles, no sleep, and fierce competition with other teams. 1o57 routinely taunts and encourages contenders while helping teach them cryptography, pop-culture, and history along the way. Without his influence Heartbound simply would not have the ARG or the incredible amount of hidden content it does. #BringBack1o57

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